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Scrap Metal

Scrap metal substitutes are DRI (direct reduced iron) and Pig Iron. The more scrap you can add to your Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) mix, the more savings in your steel production process.


Therefore the importance of this material that can be recycled unlimited amount of times.

Scrap Suppliers App

Suppliers get an App where they can:

  • Request material transportion

  • Take photos

  • Upload documentation:

    • Weight certificate

    • Bill of lading

    • Radioactivity certificates

    • Invoices

  • Get updates on invoices

Junk Yard


SincroPool's platform calculates best carriers for each shipment  with custom algorithms. We consider price, location, service level and custom business rules among several variables. 

Carriers can use SincroPool's platform to run their operations, or they can consume our APIs (and keep using their TMS, i.e. Travel Management systems).

Lorries Parked In Line

Customs agents

Your customs agents get a read-only access to shipment's documentation. They may also upload imports / exports forms to the platform, to keep a thorough document repository.

Cargo Ship at the Port

Monthly Shipments


Scrap Yards


Carriers integrated


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