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Digitalize, Automate, Grow


Auto-dispatch shipments


Audit  truck location


Upload Pictures



Scan Documents


Interconnect with ERP/TMS


Alerts & Online metrics

Digitalize your Logistics

SincroBot is an innovative WhatsApp-based platform designed to automate and optimize logistics operations.

Seamlessly integrated with any ERP, TMS, or other systems your business or suppliers use, SincroBot simplifies dispatches, digitalizes operations, and streamlines invoicing and document management.

Our API integration supports diverse user roles, ensuring enhanced efficiency and a smoother workflow for your scrap management needs.

Automatic Dispatch

Automate the dispatch of services to carriers and streamline driver assignment through our WhatsApp-based bot. This feature ensures efficient and timely coordination of scrap collection and delivery.

No GPS integration needed

Share WhatsApp location to track where materials are loaded and unloaded. This uses a familiar platform, verifies actual locations, eliminates the need for additional GPS systems, and ensures cost-effective location auditing.

Scan documents

Upload pictures and documents like waybills, weigh certificates, and radioactive certificates for audits. This ensures transparency, regulatory compliance, provides visual proof, reduces disputes, and enhances accountability.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with any ERP, TMS, or custom platforms via API or web services. This ensures compatibility with existing systems, minimizes disruption, adapts to various business needs, and maintains consistent data for efficient operations.

Monthly Shipments


Scrap Yards


Carriers integrated


Enhance Your Operations with SincroTower Platform


Building on the powerful capabilities of our WhatsApp-based ScrapBot, the SincroPool platform is essential for scrap yards and steel mills. This platform digitalizes and automates scrap management, offering key advantages for all users.

Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 11.56.29.png

for Suppliers

Warehouse managers can see active purchase orders, check remaining balances, and access real-time pricing.

Coordinate shipments using your own trucks or third-party carriers with automated carrier assignment, optimizing logistics and reducing manual effort.

e.g.: scrap suppliers for steel mills


for Carriers

Carriers streamline operations by receiving orders through the web platform and SincroBot. Easily accept or reject service requests and assign drivers, ensuring efficient and timely scrap material transport.


for Steel Mills

Steel mills receive all necessary documents digitally, including transport permits and certificates. This simplifies compliance, streamlines audits, and reduces administrative overhead.

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