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Digitize your sales team

Provide your sales force with an app where they can:

  1. Register visits to customers or suppliers

  2. Save specific GPS locations

  3. Upload images

  4. Collect data on-site

  5. Access customers key metrics online
    (e.g. orders, prices, deliveries, payments)

scrap metal yard


Supplier & Customer relationship management.
SincroPool's App is essential in understanding how each Supplier is contributing to the success of a company.

Take advantage of SincroPool's App in setting up plans to improve and track their performance. 

Tools for Sales and Managers

Set Goals

Engage your team by setting goals (new leads, visits, sales)

Track Performance

Review monthly performance
by sales rep or customer/supplier


Do you handle multiple operations? Multiple locations and
countries are allowed

Warehouse Workers

Ready to embrace new technology?

Book an intro with our team to find the right solution and a personalized demo for your company’s challenges.

We’ll discuss:

- Your current process 
- Your goals
- Your needs: timeline, budget and any specific use-cases.

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