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SincroPool Methodology

Choosing the best tools for each step of the process

Imagen de personas trabajando para mejorar un proceso


One on One interviewing

This is essential to engage all stakeholders and uncover improvement opportunities. 



In order to have a clear picture of all moving parts of the mechanism, drawing a flowchart is a must.

Imagen de un flujograma ejemplo desarrollado por SincroPool para entender procesos
Imagen de un propotio de aplicación móvil desarrollada por SincroPool utilizando la herramienta figma


Design and prototyping

Sketching the user interface (UI) and providing a tool for testing the user experiencia (UX) saves development time down the road.

We take advantage of Figma, a renowned collaborative designing tool. 


Scrum Development

Scrum is a type of agile development methodology we apply to guarantee the success of each project. We promote weekly or biweekly Sprints to develop the features agreed on the periodic meetings.

Imagen de dos programadores trabajando en una nueva funcionalidad

Tools used by SincroPool's TEAM

Microsoft Power BI

PBI is a powerful data visualization tools to transform data into informed decision-making,

Logo de PowerApps, la herramienta no-code / low-code de Microsoft para desarrollar aplicativos para procesos internos

Microsoft Power Apps

The best approach for  writing low-code custom business applications while reducing development costs. 


Figma revolutionizes design collaboration with real-time, cloud-based tools, fostering seamless teamwork and efficient prototyping.

Logo de Tableau, empresa que desarrolla un sistema de inteligencia de datos

Business Intelligence

Tableau like PoweBI are great tools for data visualization. We use it to uncover the hidden insights to make impactful business decisions.

Logo de Celonis, sistema para hacer minería de procesos

Process Mining

We use Celonis to monitor digitized processes. With this App we can spot hidden inefficiencies by assessing the digital footprint.

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