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NO-Code revolution

Join the Microsoft Power Platform Ecosystem 
500,000+ Companies leveraging No-Code Solutions

Work Desk

40% Efficiency with PowerAutomate

Join 500,000+ organizations enhancing productivity with PowerAutomate. Automate tasks and processes effortlessly, saving time and resources without coding.

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70% Faster Development

Accelerate app creation by 70% using PowerApps. Build custom, no-code / low-code applications that meet your business needs, integrating seamlessly with Microsoft tools.

Cut Costs by 30% with Microsoft Integration

Reduce operational expenses by 30% through seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Excel, OneDrive, and SharePoint, leveraging the Power Platform's no-code/low-code capabilities.

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Use cases

Discover Microsoft Platform
PowerApps & PowerAutomate


Supply Chain & Logistics

Use the power of Microsoft pre-built AI models to effortlessly extract data from documents, populate Excel sheets, convert formats, and manage communications with 3PL and freight forwarders, all within a unified automated system.

Embrace efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to focus on strategic logistics planning while PowerAutomate handles the heavy lifting.



Replace cumbersome email chains with a sleek, intuitive app that centralizes requests, approvals, and tracking in one place.

Simplify procurement, enhance transparency, and accelerate decision-making, transforming the way your business handles purchasing.



Easily create feedback surveys and use pre-built AI (artificial intelligence) models to determine the positive, negative or neutral sentiment of responses.

You can also create chatbots in Microsoft Teams to answer common questions.

Success story:
Orders & receipts digitalization

Imagen de flujo automatizado de Microsoft PowerAutomate


An Industrial Group grew by integrating factories in various countries. Each location working with its own ERP.

The Valencia factory receives orders by email, and each subsidiary sends its order model in PDF.

To organize orders, the Valencia logistics team processes each order manually. The PDFs are saved in Sharepoint and the data is extracted to a shared Excel.


An Artificial intelligence (AI) model was trained to recognize the 9 PDF order models. Achieving on average 92% reliability.

Imagen que muestra una factura con los datos subrayados que deberían extraer el modelo de AI builder
Imagen que muestra el nivel de confianza de un modelo de IA creado con AI Builder de Microsoft PowerAutomate


Implementing PowerAutomate has led to enhanced operational efficiency by significantly reducing manual tasks and process execution times.

It has also minimized errors and therefore boosted productivity.

Achieve high ROI with no-code Apps and AI.


Reduced Manual Tasks

1,5 months

ROI (Return on investment)


Net time spent building the solution 

0 devs

Developers SysAdmins, DevOps, DBA's involved 

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Where to start?


Discover the impact of Microsoft Power Automate to streamline  your internal processes today


Build your first no-code PowerApp with SincroPool and experience today the work of the future.

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