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Our logistics calendar.
Never miss a Shipment

When handling inbound & outbound logistics, 
large companies struggle to:

How to rebuild the process?

Become 100% Digital

Standardize information

Build Automations

The very first task to cover is assessing the current state of the process and spotting inefficiencies, such as:

  • Data entry

  • Duplicated tasks

  • Data redundancy

Since every piece of data is hosted in SincroPool's platform, there is no need for your carriers to send emails with spreadsheets listing the services provided.

Typical time-consuming tasks like:

  1. Querying data from SAP (ERP)

  2. Analyzing data in Excel (vlookup, pivot tables..)

  3. Coordination shipments through emails

  4. Requesting shipment updates

Digital Transformation

The challenge for Supply Chain Managers.

Are you ready to embrace new Technology?

Logo de ArcelorMittal, empresa producto de acero

Steel manufacturing companies are SincroPool's speciality. We have been working with ArcelorMittal, Tenaris, Ternium for 10 years.

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