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SincroPool MaaS

Corporate Mobility as a service (MaaS)

Are you a Travel Manager?

SincroPool is the perfect mobility platform for corporate travel managers who want to reduce costs.

By matching trips and enforcing travel policies, we make it easy for managers to save money on travel expenses. Plus, our invoicing system makes it simple for suppliers to get paid.

Reduce trips, reduce costs

Our carpooling algorithm matches passengers doing the same routes to save costs on duplicated trips.

Save money and time on your employees commutes by carpooling with someone going the same way. With our algorithm, it is guaranteed to find a match quickly and easily. Carpooling is not only cost-effective, but it's also better for the environment. Foster corporate social responsible (CSR) best practices.

Accounting Documents

Mobility policy enforced

Prevent out-of-policy journeys (before they happen). Set the rules You are in control, define supplier's budget, categories, and employees 

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Invoicing centralized

Keep control of your company's travel services usage rate.


You get automated monthly reports right in your inbox. We can also integrated with your ERP through custom interfaces.


Managers also receive a summary with 

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