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Supply Chain Innovation

Businesses evolve
So do software

Rebuild your digital process
to meet your current needs.

Customers reinventing their Supply Chain processes


Logo de la empresa petrolera argentina llamada YPF
Logo de la empresa siderúrgica Tenaris
Logo de la empresa de consumo masivo ABInBev
Logo de la empresa petrolera SHELL
Logo de la empresa siderúrgica ArcelorMittal
Logo de la empresa de consumo masivo AVON
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Logo de la empresa de telecomunicaciones llamada Telefónica
Logo de la empresa productora de productos panificados llamada BIMBO

Process digitalization

From bookings to compliance and invoicing.

Define your business rules in SincroPool to run processes efficiently.

End-to-end digital management of:

Supply Chain (inbound & Outbound logistics)

Procurement (sourcing of raw materials, e.g. Scrap Metal)

Facilities management (Contractors)

Fleet management

Imagen de un dispositivo móvil mostrando la aplicación SincroPool

Support from the main innovation programs and agencies of Spain

Logo de Wayra, el vehículo de inversiones en startups de grupo Telefónica
Logo ICEX, la agencia de gobierno español para fomentar la internacionalización de empresas
Logo de Accio, la agencia de gobierno catalán para fomentar emprendimientos
Logo de SPRI, la agencia de gobierno vasco para fomentar emprendimientos

Integrations as a Service (IaaS)

Large organizations handle a wide range of suppliers
In order to run this complex network, APIs stand out as the best approach.

We streamline vendor management by connecting SincroPool with your enterprise software systems and to your vendors systems.

We are the platform where enterprise & vendor systems handshake.



Prevent human error.

Let the software manage your process to be more productive.


APIs are always running and can be programmed to suit your needs


APIs can be extended 

to add functionality

or interact with other systems


APIs can grow easily

to keep the pace

with your business.

3 mobile devices showing off SincroPool's application for service requests booking


Logo de Azure, servicios en la nube de Microsoft
Logo de la empresa que desarrolla el software SAP
Logo de PowerBI, el servicio de inteligencia de negocios de Microsoft

Why SincroPool?

We know first-hand that software evolves rapidly while legacy systems turn into bottlenecks.


On the other hand, new technologies provide new opportunities to reach the ultimate goal: self-managed processes.


As more digital platforms are adopted by vendors, self-managed processes become ever more promising. We foster system integrations in order to take the most out of technology.


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